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Use the tools provided here to complete an application to volunteer as an accompanier.

Please direct all questions to:

Take a look at what it's like to be an “EA” at the blog page.

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How to apply to be an accompanier

EAPPI-US welcomes inquiries from the United States.  Please direct questions to  Residents of other countries can learn more about the program at

An application form and references are available here (see below) and can be submitted by email (send a note to the e-mail address above if you, or someone providing a reference for you, prefer to send application materials by postal mail).

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis by members of the EAPPI-US Steering Committee. Applicants are encouraged to apply six months, or more, prior to anticipated dates of service.  A minimum of three months lead time is normally required, although exceptions can be made.

EAs from the United States are responsible for raising the funds needed to cover the cost of their participation three-month term, including roundtrip travel to Jerusalem, and orientation/debriefing in Washington, DC. Scholarships are often available. 

Applicants should be at least 25 years of age and in good health. They are encouraged to discuss with family, friends and church community their interest in volunteering through EAPPI with their family, friends and church community.  Please send application forms by e-mail attachment to: EAPPI US National Coordinator - <>

Application Form(Links to Microsoft Word file, which you may fill out and return by e-mail attachment, or print out and return by postal mail. Applications are reviewed when all reference forms have been received by the Acting US Coordinator.)

Reference Form(Download and forward this form to each of your three references; instruct them to return the completed form by e-mail attachment to: Acting EAPPI US Coordinator - <>)

Fundraising Ideas (US EAs have can find support from family, friends, churches and institutions)