Please consider supporting EAPPI in its mission to accompany Palestinians and Israelis working for a just peace and an end to the occupation.

Your support to EAPPI US will help provide scholarship funds for volunteers from the United States.  Volunteers from the US are required to raise their own funding to participate in the program; currently around $11,000.  Your support will help offset the cost for participation and increase the number of volunteers from the United States.  Our goal is to provide a $3,500 scholarship per volunteer to make the cost of participation less of a barrier.

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To make a donation online click "DONATE HERE" below. Please select Middle East and Europe from the drop down "Designation" list in the right hand column.  The 'Project/Partner' box will be prepopulated with 'Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel'.  Your entire donation will go to support EAPPI.


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Reflections of former EA:

  • * I am grateful to the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem for calling other Christians to "come and see" the situation on the ground in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and to the World Council of Churches for responding to the call by forming the EAPPI...  Being an EA made me more alert to sytemic injustice, which, of course, has made my life less comfortable and thus, a little closer to most people's lives in the world.  I think that is what accompaniment is.  Thanks be to God, who keeps us connected (Carolyn Schneider, Group 14).
  • * Thank you World COuncil of Churches and EAPPI Staff for supporting this inmportant justice work and providing me such a profound experience of what it means to be both a critical and protective presence in the world.  This experience has led me directly to applying for a position with my church to be a missionary in Israel and Palestine.  I am a missionary candidate today because of EAPPI and thus hope to continue to serve and learn more about this land that all call holy (Loren McGrail, Group 39).
  • * In my three months as an EA in Hebron I learned about hospitality as resistance.  On our very first day on the ground we went visiting.  At the Jaber family's house we sat out on the cement patio and were offered a drink as is customary, but lemon drink with mint instead of the usual tea and coffee.  We gladly accepted and watched as a group of small children were put to work plucking lemons from the family's own tree.  They marched into the house and returned a minute later to pluck more lemons.  They handed us each a lemon as a gift.  I still have the lemon; it is dried now, but it still has that faint citrus smell.  It reminds me of the perseverance of the families in Hebron and their refusal to give in to the occupation.  The people I met in Hebron remind not to give up hope that justice will come someday (Amy Kienzle, Group 39).