What is EAPPI?

EAPPI accompanies Palestinians and Israelis in nonviolent actions and carries out advocacy efforts to end the occupation. Participants monitor and report huawei p10 camera protector violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. They offer protection through a nonviolent presence and stand in solidarity with the churches and all those struggling against the occupation.

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We Were Attacked By Settlers

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Three of us EA’s had just completed a home visit and were walking to a main roadway.  A group (of approximately 12) adolescent Jewish settler boys congregated together and started yelling obscenities at us, “Go back to German,” “Go back to Jordan,” and “This is Jewish.”  They moved forward toward us.  We started taking their picture, thinking that may stop them.   It didn’t. The group grew larger, and they continued toward us.  Without saying a word to them, we turned toward the main road again.  The boys started kicking empty cola bottles at us, and all the while continued with the obscene language and then gestures.   One young boy, the one in the forefront of the picture above, was fast approaching my colleague.  Her back was to him as she was trying to walk away.   With a clenched fist and arm raised over his head, I believed he was going to hit her.  I yelled, “No”, and as she turned to face him, he quickly turned away.  Rocks were now being thrown at us, and one of my teammates was hit in the arm.  In my perspective, they were surrounding us.  Just then a group of Sheikh Jarrah Palestinian residents positioned themselves between us and the settlers.

The scene soon intensified.  A large group of settler boys were on one side and the Palestinians on the other.  Rocks and sticks were being thrown.  These rocks were fist size and larger.  It was chaotic.  That confrontation ended with the settler boys running from the scene.

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Accompaniers will visit you

Many of the 27 returned ecumenical accompaniers are available to teach and preach in churches or speak at events. Invite them to share their experiences and speak about peacemaking in Israel and Palestine. Please click here for a list of accompaniers and their direct contact information.

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A volunteer accompanier serves for three months in a West Bank city or a small village sharing the in the day to day lives of Palestinian people, or supporting Israelis in nonviolent action for peace. Maybe EAPPI is right for someone you know. Find out more about how to apply.


While EAPPI-US receives support from several national church bodies, the project needs and accepts contributions from congregations, individuals and groups. Your gift to EAPPI-US can help support the effort to recruit and train volunteer accompaniers or provide them with scholarship funding.

To give to EAPPI-US, send a check to:
Church World Service MRW Program
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 700
New York, New York 10115


Join an ecumenical prayer vigil for the Christian communities in Jerusalem, for all those who are suffering in the Holy Land, for Palestinians and Israelis, and for peace in the Middle East and the world.

Your congregation or group can join others taking part in the Ecumenical Prayer Vigil and get connected with others in your area participating in the vigil.

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‘Another Curve Ball’…

TULKAREM:  On 13 April 2010, Israeli Military Orders 1649 and 1650 were put into force.  These orders gave a vague definition as to what the Israeli Military considers an ‘infiltrator’ to be.  For the time being, Palestinians residing in the West Bank with Gaza Strip addresses on their ID cards have been labelled as infiltrators and forcibly deportated to the Gaza Strip; yet, the orders are vague enough to be used against anyone, and a person can be deported simply by the decision of any officer – no court hearings or judicial committees are warranted for such an action.  READ MORE AT: http://www.oikoumene.org/en/events-sections/wwppi/blog-its-time-to-speak-out.html